Reliable Lifetime Warranty

Our goal at RepairButlers is to deliver the highest quality repairs, 100% effortless. 

Our Certified Techs. and high-quality parts allow us to provide you with a reliable lifetime warranty. Below, we have outlined the scope of lifetime warranty coverage.

What is included in the Lifetime Warranty

Our warranty covers parts & labor of the original repair, that malfunction or are not working as designed.

Warranty Does Not Protect Against

  • Any damage caused to the device after the repair
  • Any frame damage, including dented corners
  • Any software issue
  • Any type of liquid damage
  • Data Loss (we recommend backing up your device before the repair)
  • Jailbroken Devices
  • a non-working, damaged or severed Face ID/Bio-Metric scanner
  • Manufacture and/or performance issues related to the device separate from the repair
  • Device is repaired/tampered by someone other than a Repairbutlers tech.
  • New owner of device. (Warranty is only valid for the original customer)